Prairie Room (Infants)
Ages 6 weeks-12 months
Capacity: 12
The first years of your child’s life are the most important! At Weebleworld, your infant will enjoy a daily routine that is based solely on his or her individual needs. Our infant teachers will work with you to develop a feeding, naptime and playtime routine that meets the needs of your precious baby. Your child will enjoy playtime on our soft, clean carpet (no shoes allowed!) with many different choices of toys, swings or bouncers, and feeding time either in our infant table or in the arms of your child’s teacher. With a ratio of only 4 infants per teacher, your child is ensured plenty of one-on-one attention!  Our Prairie room is divided into two groups: 6 weeks-6 months (group of 4) and 6 months-12 months (group of 8).

Jungle Room (Toddlers)
Ages 12-18 months
Capacity: 8
Once your child has reached the age of 12 months, he or she will become part of the Jungle Group! Our toddlers love to play on our indoor slide and climber or read books in the reading corner. Your child will start to enjoy a more structured schedule and with a ratio of only 4 toddlers per teacher, he or she will also continue to benefit from lots of one-on-one attention!

Ocean Room (Toddler/Two-year olds)
Ages 18-36 months
Capacity: 20
In our Ocean room, your child will enjoy a daily routine that includes plenty of free-choice play, story time and group project, outdoor play and much, much more! Our well-qualified and experienced teachers begin introducing shapes and colors to your child’s world through fun activities and projects revolving around a weekly theme that your child will look forward to bringing home and showing off!  Our Ocean room is divided into two groups: 18-24 months (group of 8) and 2-3 years (group of 12).

Forest Room (Preschoolers)
Ages 3-5 years
Capacity: 22
Our Forest Rangers stick their necks out to reach way up and learn all about the growing world around them! Our preschool teachers have years of experience teaching early childhood education and working with preschoolers. By the time your child graduates from our preschool class at Weebleworld, he or she will be more than ready for kindergarten. We offer weekly themes and daily projects, celebrate a wide variety of holidays, and begin each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a graph of the weather and calendar. In addition, your child will also have his or her chance to be the “Star of the Week!” Each child has a week to bring in pictures and items from home to share with their class. Our Rangers are always busy!  Our Forest room is divided into two groups: 3-4 years (group of 10) and 4-5 years (group of 12).

Desert Room (School Agers)
Ages 5-12 years
Capacity: 18
The Desert Room and the before and after school programs at our center offer students the opportunity to continue their education beyond the standard school day.  Our school agers will have access to technology and a wide variety of games and activities which allow our children to be challeneged while also fostering their academic and social growth.  We also offer an educational and fun summer program!

Every detail of our classrooms at Weebleworld was designed with health and safety in mind.  Our equipment (wood), paint (Low VOC) and flooring (all natural Marmoleum) is third-party, air-quality certified.  This means it is safe for children with allergies or asthma and eliminates exposure to harmful lead, BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde.  Our classrooms are bathed in natural light and include views directly out to our grassy playground and garden areas.  Our paint color palate throughout the center has been carefully chosen to include tranquil and soothing colors.  Research shows that bright, primary colors can overstimulate children, making it difficult for them to focus.

Weebleworld Child Care Center